DTE Tree Trimming Program

Announced Originally in February 2015 (work continued into 2016)

DTE Energy trimmed trees around power lines in the City of Taylor. The ongoing program, announced in 2015, focused on areas north of Wick, between Beech Daly and Pelham roads. There is a portion south of Wick between Pine and Pardee that is also a focus. 

DTE says that two-thirds of the power outages in the City of Taylor are caused by overgrowth. Trees growing too close to power lines are a safety concern. Tree trimming is a common sense solution to the issue. The company's strategy involves contacting all residents affected by the program by mail and marking the trees clearly. Just because you live in the City or in one of the targeted areas, does not mean that your property will be affected. 

DTE subcontracted the work to firms like Davey and ITC. 

DTE and the City warn that tree trimming around power lines is not a "do-it-yourself" project. Lines carry high voltage. Coming in contact -- or near contact -- with power lines can result in injury or death. 

DTE reminds residents that they do not have to choose between beautiful trees and reliable power. An easy rule of thumb is to remember these issues when planting around power lines:
  • For planting directly under to 20 feet away, plant small shrubs and/or trees with a maximum growth of 20 feet
  • From 20 to 50 feet away, plant trees with a maximum height of 45 feet
  • More than 50 feet away, you can plant trees with more maximum height.
DTE Energy offers many useful tips on tree planting near power lines here.

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