Professional Outreach Services


Professional Outreach Services
25507 Ecorse Road
Taylor, MI 48180

Phone: 313-292-7640

Profile Description

Professional Outreach Counseling Services-PC is located at 8750 Telegraph Road in the city of Taylor, Michigan. The agency has been providing psychological testing and individual, group, substance abuse, marriage and family counseling since 1994. Our agency has been providing counseling services to schools, youth programs, low-income families, court ordered referrals, church members, and other residents from the community. P.O.C.S. currently has a professional staff of 25+ therapists, social workers, and counselors. All staff members have, at a minimum, a master's degree.

P.O.C.S. meets all codes of accessibility as designated by the Americans With Disabilities Act. Further, the gender, cultural, and ethnic diversity of the staff is representative of Professional Outreach Counseling Service's equal opportunity and affirmative action policies which embrace all persons regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status or handicap, and expressly forbids sexual harassment and discrimination.