Cultural (Northline) Corridor


The Northline Road corridor is one of the community's most diversified stretches. A major connector between communities in the the deep Downriver-area region, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Western Wayne and out to Ann Arbor, major renovations in the late 1980s resulted in a five-lane thoroughfare from Southgate to Romulus. It connects everything from engineering and manufacturing firms and industrial corridors with Wayne County Community College District's Downriver Campus and the Prechter Center for the Performing Arts, Heritage Park, Petting Farm and Conservatory & Botanical Gardens and even the Lakes of Taylor Golf Course.

A Vision for the Future

The City of Taylor and officials from WCCCD are coordinating efforts to create a "Cultural Corridor" that would encompass key organizations and facilities within the area bordered by the Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber of Commerce on the east, along Northline Road to Pardee, and then north to the end of Heritage Park. Groups in this region many interests relating to the arts and intellectual achievements. In short, this is the most active region of the community. The goal of the cultural corridor would be to bring those groups together under a common banner, branding and marketing. As of January 2017, this effort was a work in progress.
prechter center

'Cultural' Highlight Organizations

  • City of Taylor
  • Wayne County Community College District Downriver Campus
  • Southern Wayne County Chamber of Commerce
  • Prechter Performing Arts Center
  • Taylor Soccer
  • Junior League World Series
  • Taylor South Little League
  • Taylor Farmer's Market
  • Taylor Community Library
  • Taylor Historical Commission
  • Ecology Club
  • Taylor Conservatory & Botanical Gardens
  • Heritage Park Petting Farm
  • Goodwill Gardens
  • Enchanted Makeovers
  • Healthy Taylor
  • Taylor School District
  • Taylor Dance
  • Taylor Relay for Life
jlws celebration

Key Points of Growth Along the Northline Corridor

For nearly 70 years, Hancock Enterprises (20655 Northline) has provided builders and home owners with industry leading rain control management systems, and the products and tools installers need to professionally do the job right ... Wayne County Community College's Downriver Campus (21000 Northline) is the only community college located in the Downriver region and includes the Heinz Prechter Educational & Performing Arts Center... The Downriver regional business association, the Southern Wayne County Chamber of Commerce (20904 Northline), is located in a picturesque historical building located on the northern edge of the WCCCD campus. The chamber promotes business and enhances economic development throughout the Downriver region ... 

Heritage Park (Northline and Pardee) is one of the largest and most beautiful municipal parks in the region. In includes the Sheridan Center Open Air Pavilion, home of the Taylor Farmer's Market; the Lamarard Splash Field; Taylor Community Library; Coan Lake Historic Area; Heritage Park Petting Farm; Taylor Conservatory & Botanical Gardens; Junior League World Series; and much more ... 

The Taylor Board of Education (23033 Northline) is home of the area's largest public school system, and Kennedy High School is located directly behind the administrative offices ... Wade Trim (25251 Northline) has one of its 19 countrywide offices in the City. Wade Trim is consistently ranked in the top 500 design firms, top 200 environmental firms and continues to be nationally recognized for innovative solutions. We are on a quest to grow, using our expertise to provide infrastructure solutions in new areas ...

One of two municipal golf courses in Taylor, the Lakes of Taylor (25505 Northline), along with the Taylor Animal Shelter (25555 Northline) and Taylor Department of Public Works (25605 Northline) are all located in the corridor between Telegraph Road and Beech Daly ... 

Other key businesses include Beaumont Mobile (formerly HealthLink), at 26150 Northline; Windsor Machine GroupFish & Loaves Community Food Pantry (25670 Northline), provider of food services for the needy in 13 communities in the region; Commercial printer and publisher Printwell Printing (26975 Northline); Lear Corporation (26575 Northline); and transportation and logistical services provider Load One (located at 13221 Inkster, near Northline).

Hearn Industrial increases its footprint on Huron Street site

Hearn Industrial Services (13500 Huron Street, south of Northline Road) has broken ground on a new 96,372-square-foot expansion to its operation. The expansion will nearly double the size of their operation, which supports the automotive industry. The new portion of the building will expand it to the west and south, and add a retention pond and addition parking and landscaping. The City Council followed Planning Commission approval of the plan with an eight-year tax abatement for the project.

Hearn, which has locations in Toronto, Windsor, Toledo and Cleveland, took over the old abandoned Johnson-Controls site in late 2016. The 108,000-square-foot original building became home to a business that specialized in transportation, supply chain and quality services for the automotive industry since 1966.

It is involved in all areas of warehousing and distribution services including sequencing, packaging and kitting, sub assembly, metering, container management and leasing, container washing and repair, repack, stripping and relabeling, part-washing and chemical application, part coating and girt-sand-steel-glass blasting.

Founder Don Hearn Sr.’s legacy began in the mid-1960s with the purchase of a backhoe to install a septic system for his own home. That became the foundation for a diverse portfolio of companies. In 1972, Hearn Trucking was founded, followed by the expansion of the Hearn Harbour Terminals in Detroit in 1982. Hearn Automotive opened in 2000, followed by Hearn Logistics the following year.


WCCCD Horticulture Education Center set to become a reality

Wayne County Community College District’s $14M Horticulture Education Center, which may be one of the most impacting developments in Taylor’s immediate future, is heading toward reality thanks to various planning, zoning and building approvals by the City.

In Northline Road’s budding “Cultural Corridor” that includes the WCCCD Downriver Campus, Southern Wayne County Chamber of Commerce, Taylor Conservatory & Botanical Gardens and Heritage Park, the 41,000-plus-square-foot new center will stand on nearly five acres between the wooded areas, current campus buildings and the Michigan Institute for Public Safety Education (MIPSE) – itself a state-of-the-art $6M facility.

The horticulture site will include three greenhouses, a large conservatory, and hydroponics and aquaculture labs, along with conference and office rooms and outdoor learning centers. The facility will offer programming in partnership with Michigan State University’s Institution of Agricultural Technology. A hidden benefit is that the center will be LEED-certified – energy efficiency and environmentally responsible, using rainwater harvesting systems, mechanically ventilated operable roofs, computer-controlled greenhouse systems and a passive ventilation system.

A STEM lab will be available for research. Students will have access to specialized greenhouse spaces for hands-on experiences with such issues as irrigation, landscape restoration and urban agriculture.

It new site will take up approximately 5 acres of the 97.13-acre campus, near the northeastern portion of the campus, south of existing MIPSI. The horticultural center is certain to become one of the hubs of the ever-improving Downriver campus, with the new Fletcher Discovery Trail connecting the new facility and greater campus with Heritage Park, Taylor Conservatory, Petting Farm and Coan Lake.