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SALUTE BAR & TRATTORIA: Adding an Italian flavor to Goddard & Pardee

A problematic eyesore is receiving a new lease on life. The old “White Rhino” bar on the corner of Goddard Road and Pardee is being totally remodeled and will reopen as “Salute Bar & Trattoria.” A trattoria is an Italian-style eating establishment, less formal than a ristorante, but more formal than an osteria (which provides just wine and simple foods).

Often there are no printed menus, the service is casual, wine is sold by the decanter rather than the bottle, prices are low, and the emphasis is on a steady clientele rather. The food is modest but plentiful (mostly following regional and local recipes) and in some instances is even served family-style (i.e. at common tables). It is uncertain exactly how the Salute Bar & Trattoria will operate at this juncture.

The existing building will take on a totally new look. The main entrance along Goddard will be moved to the middle of the building, flanked by two canopied windows, with stone added and the brick repainted. Outdoor patio seating will added along with lighting, landscaping and signage. A brick paver area including benches will be created at the corner, and decorative fencing will be added, fitting in with the décor of the Downtown Development Authority guidelines (see Malek Al Kabob or the Midtown brownstones).

“This has the potential to be very, very nice,” Mayor Sollars said. “This is a good fit in that location, and compliments the corner very well.”

Bubba's 33 to locate in Burlington Square Center, across from Southland Center

Bubba’s 33. a new sports-themed family restaurant is set to open in Taylor, marking further expansion to the Eureka Road corridor known as “Eureka Way.” The new restaurant will locate in the Burlington Square Center, near Art Van Furniture and Men’s Warehouse.

Bubba’s 33 is a chain with the Taylor location marking only the second store in Michigan. The other is in Macomb County. The chain is named for founder Kent “Bubba” Taylor, with the 33 referencing the year prohibition ended in the United States. Taylor also is the CEO of Texas Roadhouse. The average Bubba’s 33 location is approximately 7,800 square feet and holds 321 guests.

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taco johns
dog haus

Taco John's, Dog Haus building locations on Pardee

Two new eateries are being built on Pardee Road, across from Southland Center, west of the mall. Taco John's and the Dog Haus are being built on the former site of USA Fitness.

Taco John’s a Mexican eatery based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, It is a fast food-style restaurant with more than 425 locations across 23 states. The chain was founded in 1969 by John Turner.

Dog Haus has locations in nine states. The Taylor location will be the first in Michigan.The chain was founded by partners Hagop Giragossian, Quasim Riaz and Andre Vener, three friends who share a passion for creativity, quality and commitment to community, the first Dog Haus opened in Pasadena, California in 2010.


BJ's Brewhouse lends to 'Eureka Way's' array of standout eateries

The Eureka Road corridor's array of eateries expanded once again with the addition of BJ’s Brewhouse. The new site is located in the outlot at Southland Mall. It was be the first BJ’s Brewhouse in Michigan.

“It is a really state of the art facility,” Mayor Rick Sollars said. “The architectural design really mirrors that of Cinemark Theaters.”

The restaurant style was built to be among the highest end that they design across the country. The only other building like it in their chain is in Cleveland, Ohio. The nationally known eatery and tavern offers micro-brewed beers and even opportunities for local brewmasters. It also offers outdoor seating and unique programs like “Buy a Beer for a Hero,” where customers can purchases a beer for a police officer, firefighter or military service personnel in any BJ’s location across the country.

Wahlburgers plays to make
Taylor 'Hollywood 48180'

It’s not often that little old Taylor plays host to a movie star (and likely his extended family). Mark Wahlberg, who holds co-ownership of the new Wahlburgers (on 21200 Penn Street near Eureka Road).

Mark is a busy man these days, from his new movies to a partnership with Meijer involving his dietary supplement line, Performance Inspired Nutrition.

The history behind Wahlburgers involves several parts eatery and a few parts reality TV. The restaurant originated in Hingham, a town just outside Boston. It is owned by Paul Wahlberg in partnership with two of his more famous brothers, actors Mark and Donnie. It has expanded from there.

The first Michigan location for Wahlburgers was in Detroit’s Greektown, where its reasonably price food, atmosphere and service have earned rave reviews. And, for a “burger joint,” it offers a ton of Gluten-free options.

Wahlburgers turned into an American reality series in January 2014, premiering on A&E. The behind-the-scenes look at this chain of restaurants had a fun appearance, with Mark, Donnie and Paul surrounded on a regular basis by a cast that included Alma McPeck Wahlberg Conroy, their mother; Bob, another brother; Brandon, a nephew; managers Kari Burke and John Young; wives Jenny McCarthy (Donnie) and Rhea Durham (Mark), both of whom are actresses; and Walhberg childhood friends like “Taco” Laun, “Drama” Alves and Billy Leonard.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote in a review of the series: “Much of the Wahlbergs' appeal is related to their rags-to-riches story, and A&E was right to want to produce a series that focused on the source of this down-home Beantown interest … Donnie and Mark agree that while their upbringing was often difficult -- and "one of us was usually locked up or running away" -- dinner time was always a positive experience, and that's something they hope to bring to the restaurant.”

Meanwhile, Performance Inspired Nutrition finds Mark Wahlberg partnered with former Michigan State University and current Golden State Warrior Draymond Green, retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and renowned talent manager and businessman Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly and Ariana Grande). The company offers nutritional aids, accessories and apparel. Learn more at
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Primanti Bros


A Steeltown original locates in Taylor!

Nationally famous Primanti Bros restaurant opened in the Southland Center mall with a fundraising party dedicated to Sparky Anderson's CATCH foundation in August, 2016, marking its first Michigan location and welcoming more than 100 fans hoping to score a year's worth of free sandwiches offered during the initial roll out.

"It is always beneficial for a non-profit like ours to be involved in local events like the Primanti Bros opening, not only from a fund-raising standpoint, but to provide us with an opportunity to increase awareness of what CATCH does to help sick and needy children,” said Jim Hughes, executive director for CATCH. “We were thrilled to be chosen by Primanti Bros and to be featured at the Taylor opening. We think Primanti Bros is a quality operation and we were very impressed with the great good, friendly service and the fact that they extended a hand to include a local children's charity."

The Pittsburgh-based chain has been making its famous sandwiches since 1933. Its start came as a simple restaurant dedicated to truckers who needed a “meal” that they could eat with one hand. Therefore, the staff created huge, homemade sandwiches that included everything in a single offering – even fries, slaw and eggs – stacked high. 

The grand opening celebration in Taylor  kicked off with a tailgate party, and the first 100 people were granted early entry to the restaurant and bar to receive coupon booklets good for one free sandwich per week for a year. Former Red Wing Darren McCarty later signed autographs.

"We decided to invest and grow Primanti Bros. to Detroit because they have similar values of Pittsburgh," said David Head, CEO of Primanti Bros, told The Detroit Free Press. "We like the Rust Belt and the sports towns like Detroit and Indianapolis."

The theme of the 5,000-square-foot restaurant is sports, with sports memorabilia from every sport. A giant mural on one wall features local sports figures and celebrities, from both Pittsburgh and Detroit. A unique glassed-in patio area lends character to what used to house a Ruby Tuesday’s location.

The location employs about 100 people with a mix of full- and part-timers. Call (734) 287-0656 for more information.