Taylor Dance

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The Taylor Dance Program was founded in 1966 by Joy Squire with the purpose of bringing quality dance training to the residents of Taylor and neighboring downriver communities. Today, hundreds of students from over 30 southeastern Michigan cities take classes with Taylor Dance, as it celebrates a half-century in existence.

The first classes in tap and jazz were taught in the gymnasium of a local elementary school. Since its humble beginning, the program has grown considerably and is now recognized as one of the premier dance training centers in Metropolitan Detroit. Throughout the years, a commitment to affordable, quality dance instruction in a professional, family-friendly environment has driven its success. The dedication of all those involved has made Taylor Dance and its regional ballet company, Ballet Americana, a magnet that draws people together, both as performers and spectators, for the mutual enjoyment of the art.

Literally thousands of students across several generations have taken dance lessons at Taylor Dance, making the company a recognized tradition for downriver residents. Our alumni have moved on to professional careers, both in the United States and Europe, in motion pictures, television and print commercials, videos, on collegiate and professional sport dance teams, and with major dance companies.

Its state-of-the-art studios are located in the beautiful Taylor Recreation Center and Taylor Dance has enjoyed a strong working relationship with the City of Taylor in its effort to promote art and raise the quality of life. The regular dance season coincides closely with the school year, beginning in September and continuing through the following May.

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